Wyld Gummies by Colorado Breeders Depot

Wyld Gummies

These delicious natural fruit and botanical terpene gummies offer an effective balance for novice and seasoned users, offering a mood-boosting effect or helping improve sleep at night. Give these treats a try now for maximum benefit.

Wyld Gummies with THC and CBD are an ideal treat for beginner users looking to explore cannabis. Not only are they an enjoyable treat to take hiking or explore lakes with, they are also the ideal snack when exploring cliffs regularly!

Sativa Enhanced Wyld Gummies

Wyld’s best-selling edible line now includes these ruby red gummies infused with sativa cannabis for an inviting yet mild high – perfect for starting your day or beginning a journey, these delectable treats can help you reach all of your goals with ease! Be gentle with yourself as you start edible consumption with these 1:1 THC:CBD pomegranate gummies! Their low THC content and well-balanced terpene profile makes these bite-size treats suitable for newcomers or those with lower tolerance levels.

Sativa enthusiasts will delight in these hybrid huckleberry gummies, featuring real fruit flavors combined with botanical terpenes for an uplifting mood boost and deliciously indulgent experiences. Perfect for entertaining friends or simply unwinding alone at home, these candies are sure to light up any occasion and bring joyous cheer into any day.

Indica Enhanced Wyld Gummies

If you need to relax, try these indica-enhanced marionberry gummies. Each piece offers an effective blend of real fruit and botanical terpenes for an intensely relaxing experience. Perfect for either unwinding by the campfire or resting after an exhausting day at work – these gummies will help bring peace to your day!

Enjoy a classic THC experience with these sour apple gummies that offer a euphoric feeling and enhanced sense of well-being. Ideal for solo consumption or sharing with others, their delicious taste will leave an impactful impression! Even those unfamiliar with cannabis may enjoy these treats; you might be amazed by just how much you enjoy these bites!

Hybrid Wyld Gummies

With a 1:1 ratio between THC and CBD, these pomegranate gummies offer novice or lightweight consumers a tasty treat that offers both relaxation and an intoxicating high. Infused with real fruit and an ideal terpene profile for an enjoyable high, these sweet treats make great companions after active workouts such as yoga sessions or nature hikes.

Sativa fans will delight in these sour apple gummies made of real fruit and botanical terpenes to provide tart flavors with an uplifted mood-boosting effect. Perfect for relaxing afternoons or nights out with friends. These indica enhanced marionberry gummies will provide the ultimate evening of relaxation! Perfect for movie marathons or simply unwinding after an exhausting day. Crafted using Indica strains infused with real fruit for deeply soothing effects that soothe both mind and body.

Colorado Breeders’ Wyld Gummies

These 50 mg edible gummies offer a delicious, fruity flavor reminiscent of summertime. Perfect as both snacks or beverages for relaxing moments and stress relief. These vegan-friendly Huckleberry CBD Gummies are CO2-extracted for purity and made with natural fruit sugars sourced from Oregon. No THC is present and they boast a mild sweet flavor; per the company website. According to them, these gummies may help relieve stress, reduce inflammation, soothe anxiety and bring relief from chronic pain and sleeplessness.

This company prides themselves on being completely transparent about their products, posting third party lab results to a dedicated “Lab Results” page to demonstrate their dedication to quality and accuracy in labeled potency levels. As such, this company makes for an ideal option for people wanting to experiment with new CBD products without needing to worry about how much CBD they’re actually intaking; additionally they also offer up to 50% veteran discount!