Why Combine Express Entry With Canada Business Immigration?

Express Entry
Express Entry

It is a well-known fact that Express Entry is the quickest way to immigrate to Canada. However, only creating a profile and submitting an application to the Express Entry pool will not guarantee you permanent residency status in Canada.

There is fierce competition, and only the top-tier Express Entry applicants are invited. Therefore, scoring well on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) is not enough to secure an ITA (Invitation to Apply). Instead, you must score in the top tier of Express Entry applicants. 

Applying for a Canada business visa is one of the easiest strategies to boost your CRS score because it ensures a business or employment permit in Canada.   

How to combine Express Entry with Business Immigration?

Being an entrepreneur or a business owner who meets the Canada work permit requirements, you can enhance your CRS score and boost the likelihood of securing an invitation through Canada’s Express Entry system.

You just need to apply through one of the Express Entry linked business immigration programs. Although this may seem like a diversion from your plan to immigrate to Canada, it will significantly improve your chances of success. 

Your CRS score will also improve if you have prior job experience. One year of full-time Canadian work experience will improve your CRS score by up to 250 points, ensuring you will be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

Merits of Combining Express Entry with a Canadian Business Immigration Program

– Canadian Job Security: 

Even after you apply through Express Entry, you must still seek employment in Canada. However, using a business immigration program or establishing a business in Canada will eliminate the concern of finding a job as your established firm will already employ you.   

– Receive Aid in Building a Business:  

Building a business in another nation is a daunting task. Besides, the regulations may differ from those in your own country, making the procedures for establishing and operating a business in Canada likely foreign to you.

Canadian business immigration programs are designed to assist entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses and themselves in the new country.

The guidance provided by the program is invaluable and will also help you save energy, time, and money while assisting you in achieving your long-term immigration and company objectives.

– Canadian Government Perks: 

You will be issued a Canada business visa if you meet Canada work permit requirements. As a result, you will be eligible to relocate to Canada if you immigrate through a business immigration program without waiting for your permanent residence status.

Once you arrive in Canada, you will be privy to all of the perks of being a Canadian citizen, such as government-subsidized tuition and accessible healthcare. Your spouse will also have unlimited work authorization in Canada, and she can apply for jobs in any field with any business. Your spouse can earn Canadian job experience, which will significantly aid the express entry program by increasing your CRS score. 

Applying for Canada express entry first will result in a long wait period to obtain a permanent residence visa. However, if you apply for a business visa Canada first, you will be able to begin working in Canada before receiving a PR visa and improve your chances of getting a PR visa.