Why are Rigid Boxes costly than other Materials?

Packaging solutions have become a necessity for all kinds of businesses. No business can survive without using premium quality product packaging. Remember that the best packaging can take a business to the next level. Therefore, you have to ensure that your business is going in the right direction by choosing the right boxes. Rigid boxes are essential for shipping delicate items to distant places. Their sturdiness sets them apart from others. But, they are expensive as compared to other packaging materials. Do you want to know why they are costly? The following is a complete guide to help you understand the factors behind this.

Features of the rigid boxes

Strength Structural strength is so much that this rigid box can have the ability to protect its contents. They can ensure their safety from all kinds of damage during shipping and handling. Thus, your products can remain safe until they reach buyers’ hands safely and improve your brand’s image.

1: Several customizations

Wide ranges of styles and sizes are available for a rigid cardboard box. They can come in different styles, such as pillow, briefcase, round, and others. Moreover, they can come with customized inserts, placeholders, and multiple compartments.

2: Weakness and limitations 

The materials used for manufacturing these rigid cardboard boxes are thicker than others. Because they are thicker, they are costly. Moreover, more sophisticated equipment is required for processing because of its increased thickness. Hence, these boxes can become expensive and unaffordable for small-run businesses.

What increases the cost of rigid boxes as compared to other materials?

The following are some significant reasons that have increased their cost.

1: Thicker materials 

There are different types of materials for manufacturing these rigid kraft boxes. You must remember that their price increases when thicker materials are used for manufacturing these boxes. Do you know why it happens so? It is not difficult to understand. You must remember that for thicker sheets of cardboard, more raw materials are required. Therefore, when you get more significant amounts of raw materials, the cost of thicker materials will increase. Thus, it will increase the cost of packaging solutions made from this material.

2: More robust equipment 

You can understand that there are different tools for manufacturing product boxes. For instance, die-cutting tools are used for creating additional flaps of boxes. In the case of thicker materials, a rigid boxes company has to make special adjustments to your die-cutting machine. Besides that, when you have to assemble different wider flaps, you need more quantity of binder or glue. Moreover, you may need high-quality and more robust pins to keep additional flaps in place. Hence, their manufacturing requires more sophisticated equipment. Therefore, you can understand that this equipment is not easy to purchase. Therefore, its price is more as compared to other materials. However, rigid box manufacturers are trying to find ways that can reduce their costs.

3: More labour cost

Labour cost is another critical factor that can either increase or decrease the cost of packaging solutions. For instance, if the labour cost is not high, your product packaging will be cost-effective. However, if labour cost is higher, it will increase the manufacturing cost. The same is the case when we discuss the increased cost of custom packaging boxes. You must understand that due to thicker materials, labour has to pay and struggle to handle and shift materials.

Moreover, due to their increased thickness, their weight is also higher. Therefore, it increases the cost of shipping these materials from one place to another. Hence, their price increases due to higher labour costs.

Some myths that you shouldn’t believe about rigid packaging 

The following are some common myths that you should not think about.

1: Rigid packaging is too costly to afford 

Some people think that rigid packaging is too costly. The myth is that rigid box packaging is not affordable for small-run businesses due to its increased cost. You should not believe this myth because their cost is comparatively higher than ordinary packaging solutions. But, they are affordable for all kinds of businesses because they are not too costly to afford. Due to their increased cost, they provide more effective protection. Besides that, you must understand that their manufacturing materials are kraft, bux board, and others. Thus, these materials come from renewable and natural sources. Therefore, they are not expensive. 

2: It is highly stronger as compared to others

Some people believe these custom rigid set-up boxes are extremely strong and can resist all threats during shipping and handling. It is a fact that they are sturdier and more protective. But, their strength is not as much as some people think. The truth is that they can combat high pressures and other damages due to bumps and jolts. Thus, they can ensure the safe delivery of your products to their destination. Moreover, they come with waterproof lamination to prevent different issues due to water or moisture. Hence, a rigid white box can protect all kinds of products.

3: It is not eco-friendly

The environment has suffered a lot so far due to different environmental issues. Packaging waste has created several environmental problems for humans and other living things. Therefore, the world is taking immediate steps to eradicate the issues that originate from packaging waste. There is a myth that they are not eco-friendly due to the increased strength of custom rigid boxes. People believe these boxes may contain toxic or plastic materials that have increased their strength. You should not believe this myth and remember that these boxes are eco-friendly. Their manufacturing materials are recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable. Hence, they can help to keep the environment clean.

We can conclude that rigid boxes are costlier than ordinary packaging solutions. The primary reasons behind this are thicker and more high-quality materials, advanced equipment, and more labour cost. However, they are not too expensive to afford. Their price is affordable, and you must use them if you want your products to reach their destination safely because they can provide high-end safety.