What Are The Factors Of 1 Inch Round Labels

1 inch round labels are a great choice for multiple uses, from sealing envelopes to organizing and color coding files. These versatile labels grip and stick to almost any surface, thanks to their durable permanent adhesive hold. These labels feature Sure Feed technology for a better feed through your printer, reducing misalignments and jams.

1 Inch Round Labels

1 Inch Round Labels  from a variety of label shapes when you order custom labels, but round labels are among the most popular. Their sleek shape creates a professional look and their standard adhesive back makes them easy to stick on items around your office or home. You can also use them to mark products and containers with important information, including product descriptions and warnings.

The tensile strength of the label adhesive is one of the main factors that determine how well your labels will hold up to repeated handling and use. A high tensile strength means that your labels will remain adhered even after being exposed to moisture, chemicals or other substances that might cause standard adhesives to lose adhesion, become hard to read or fall off.

When choosing an adhesive, it’s best to test the label in the EXACT conditions you plan to use it for. This will help you avoid the costly mistake of using an adhesive that won’t work in your particular environment. If you’re unsure which adhesive is best for your needs, request a sample and test it in the exact conditions that you will be using it for.

When creating your label artwork, it’s important to use a vector application like Adobe Illustrator. Pixelated or raster images will print blurry and smudge-prone. You should also set your document’s color to CMYK mode and use 300PPI or higher resolution.

Purposes Of 1 Inch Round Labels

Label any round container in your home or office using these easy-to-use labels. They’re a great choice for food and beverage items, as well as bakery products and jars. They’re also ideal for labeling gifts and party favors. You can even use them for pricing at yard and garage sales.

These labels are made from durable BOPP material that’s tear-proof, water-resistant and oil resistant. The white surface is bright and creates high-contrast text or images. These labels are designed to work with copier, inkjet and laser printers and are compatible with standard label software programs. The flexible sheets lay flat for fewer paper jams and feature premium adhesives that won’t damage your printer.

The labels are FSC-certified, meaning they’re sourced from forests or paper mills that meet rigorous environmental and social standards. This helps reduce their impact on the planet. In addition, these labels are BPA- and BPS-free. They’re also free of PVC and latex.

Whether you’re labeling your pantry or creating custom stickers for your company, these 1 inch round labels are the perfect solution. These stickers come in a variety of colors and sizes, and   printed with your own logo or text. You can even add clip art and photos to personalize your design. Just make sure to keep the design focused so that your message is clearly visible. You can download layout templates to help you get started, and the file formats include guidelines that ensure your design prints correctly. The labels are available on rolls that fit in any Brother printer.

Top Of 1 Inch Round Labels

One inch clear labels are widely used as a tamper resistant seal on software package seals, CD case seals, DVD cases and DVD sleeves. They are also popular as mailing label seals for brochures, booklets and magazines as they let the graphic or design of the packaging show through. They are manufactured on rolls without an inner cardboard core and depending on the adhesive  hand or machine applied.

These poly clear labels are available on either a standard permanent adhesive, Super Stick Adhesive or the new most aggressive Extreme Stick adhesive. These are designed to stick firmly to all surfaces including metal and plastic containers or boxes. They are also waterproof and more weather resistant than the standard polypropylene labels.

These labels are guaranteed printer compatible in HP, Canon and Epson laser or inkjet printers (see our printer compatibility chart). They work with the Avery template 6450 and U-Line S-20182 templates. We recommend testing the diecut material with your specific printer in a real application to ensure compatibility. The tamper proof labels are produced using eco-friendly, compostable facestock and adhesive that is vegan and non-GMO with no harmful chemicals. They are also void of BPA and over a dozen other phthalates.