Webtoons – Storyline, Format, and Apps

Webtoons originated in Korea and the format used is similar to that of comic books. This makes webtoons easy to read on smartphones. Moreover, their visual storylines keep the reader’s attention. This is one reason why webtoons have become so popular. There are several ways in which you can create a webtoon. In this article, we will discuss the Storyline, Format, and Apps.


If you enjoy eerie stories and are looking for a lighter touch, you might want to check out some story webtoons. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including horror, comedy, and romance. Most of these titles are free to watch and will keep you entertained for hours on end. There is also a huge variety of characters, so you’re sure to find one that tickles your fancy.

One of the biggest advantages of Webtoons is their ability to scroll through panels allowing you to absorb them. This makes them more engaging and allows for more expressive effects. They can also include jump-scares, surprise dramas, and big beautiful romance panels. Some Webtoons even have music and gifs to add to the story and make it more alive. There’s a lot of creativity to choose the best Webtoons for your personal taste!

Another great story webtoon is Empyrea, created by artist Rachel Smythe and debuted on the Webtoon in August 2020. It follows the adventures of a teenager named Kade and an alien girl named Zaida. The characters are diverse, with steampunk influences and art nouveau-inspired style. They grow into a loving relationship and even develop feelings for one another. Despite its quirky nature, it also tackles important issues of the modern world.


Webtoons can be divided into many genres, including sci-fi, romance, and comedy. There are also LGBTQIA+ webtoons. Each genre has its own format, but webtoons tend to be the most popular. Webtoons are often free to read and can be downloaded from a variety of sources. For example, the format is a great way to showcase a creative work.

The format of webtoons differs from traditional comics in two ways. The panels are usually vertical, which works better in digital space. The scrolling function also makes it easier to view webtoons on mobile devices. In addition, webtoons can be easily read using a thumb. Generally, webtoons have fewer words than comics. They are also easier to understand than manga. A typical Webtoon will have fewer panels, but each one will have a distinct feel.

The format of webtoons has undergone several changes over the years. In the past, readers had to buy comic books or rent them to enjoy them. But today, the medium has expanded to smartphones and tablets. Digital comics have a wide variety of features and have become an exciting form of online entertainment. Some webtoons are even interactive, allowing users to listen to audio, see pictures, and follow along with the story.


Most webtoons follow a similar storyline. The protagonist is a teenage girl named Liz, who is gifted with the ability to see monsters. She decides to become a demon so that she can marry a creepy boy with a cat-eating appetite. The rest of the story follows Liz’s whirlwind romance with the demon. The webtoon reveals the inner feelings of Liz and the audience is left in stitches!

Although the storyline of webtoons differs from its print counterpart, there is one thing in common with both. Webtoons are interactive in nature, so they provide a more immersive experience for viewers. The storyline can feature surprises, such as horror jump-scares or big love panels. Artists behind the webtoons may also add music or gifs to make the story more dynamic.

To create a webtoon, the artist must first develop a character. A character’s background, age, gender, and habits are essential. Webtoon artists will need to draw several pictures of the character to develop the storyline. Then they need to create a storyboard that will help them divide the story into chapters. After creating a storyboard, the artist will have to write the main content of the story, separating the chapters.


Whether you prefer a pageless format or a cinematic reading experience, Webtoons have a variety of formats to choose from. With the right app, you can subscribe to your favorite manga and keep up with its latest episodes. If you subscribe to a webtoon, you can unlock all episodes at once and scroll from episode to episode without interruption. The app is free to download and features previews. Once you have signed up, you can read the full content of any webtoon, no matter what the device.

This report presents a detailed analysis of the webtoons market and evaluates the competitive landscape in different regions and segments. It also highlights the key players in the webtoons industry, including NAVER Corp., Kakao Corp., Lezhin Entertainment, Tappytoon, ToryComics, Toomics Global, KidariStudio, and Webtoon Factory. These players are gaining market share in different regions, including the United States, China, Japan, and Europe.

The Webtoon app is home to a massive collection of webcomic titles. The Webtoon Originals feature a vast library of comic books by hundreds of independent creators. All episodes are updated every day, and you can access new releases indefinitely. Thousands of different genres and styles can be viewed at Webtoon. It is estimated that Webtoon has 72 million monthly active users and over 16 million daily readers. These numbers are higher than the subscriber base of most popular Webtoon TV shows and movies.


The present invention relates to a system for supporting multiple languages in webtoons. The system comprises a server and client. The server inserts a 2-dimensional barcode into the webtoon image, including the dialog and narration text and position information about the text areas. The client system interprets the barcode and generates the text layer in the language of the user’s choice. The client then displays the generated text layer on the webtoon image.

Languages for webtoons are important for a number of reasons. It helps you connect with the target audience, as webtoon readers from different cultures might not be familiar with the culture of the creators. By translating the webtoon, you’re making it more appealing to a wider audience and opening your work to new potential fans. Here’s how to switch languages in Webtoons. Once you’ve selected your language, you’ll need to select it from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Currently, webtoons have a rapidly growing audience in Korea and China. In China, webtoons are the leading form of comic books. In Korea, they account for nearly half of all searches. And Naver, a leading Korean search engine, features webtoons every day. The network also includes the Lezhin Comics network. Several of these sites also have localized versions of their comics.


The Global Webtoons XYZ Market report includes detailed information on the industry’s size, share, and growth. The study covers the upstream, midstream, and downstream industries, as well as the competitive landscape and key players. The report also includes an industry snapshot to highlight key market statistics and trends. The report provides strategic insights and expert recommendations for companies looking to enter or expand in the market. The study reveals the latest market trends and identifies new opportunities.

Webtoons in various genres are widely available online, with themes ranging from sci-fi and fantasy to romance and slice-of-life tales. Many cartoonists have made thousands of dollars consulting for television shows and films. “Sweet Home,” a horror webtoon about a man who tries to survive a virus, was adapted into a Netflix drama last year and became the most watched show in eleven countries. Other popular webtoons include “Itaewon Class,” which follows the romances of a group of high school students.

Another factor that affected the development of webtoons in various countries was the COVID-19 pandemic. While the global webtoons market grew positively as a result of the pandemic, people in developing countries still remained price-sensitive. However, the onset of Covid-19 in many Asian countries has benefited the industry in several ways. Moreover, a large number of content producers in various countries have emerged in response to the pandemic. The increased number of content producers has led to an increase in revenue, and readers have risen.


While it is impossible to gauge the readership of webtoons on the first try, there are several ways to gauge the number of readers. One method involves using bar charts. One bar chart represents the topic most frequently signaled by viewers, and the other is the secondary topic. Topic analysis is a subjective process based on signals the content creators self-identify in their summary and title card. In this case, “BL” stands for “Boy Love,” as comics in this theme are often labelled by the creators.

The first step in understanding the readership of webtoons is to define what they are. Webtoons are serialized, and their creators base them on their own ideas and stories. While most comics are based on stories and characters, webtoons are conceptual and take the opinions and reactions of their readers into account. The authors of webtoons want to keep in touch with their readers, so they blend various ideas and styles to create engaging comics.

Naver, a Korean Manga Manhwa XYZ social networking site, subsidized the consumption of webtoons in order to attract younger viewers. In return, the webtoonists were paid a percentage of the ad revenue. In 2019, webtoon platforms began charging viewers for their most popular webtoons. While the audience is still quite small, the numbers are growing fast. It is estimated that by 2021, the readership of webtoons could surpass 900 million.