Types of Perfumes You Need to Know


Before choosing a perfume, it’s best to know the types of fragrances available. Depending on your personal preferences, the different types include Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de Senteur. In addition to these, you can choose from viktor rolf flowerbomb dossier.co fragrances that are seasonal in nature, such as floral or fruity. In this article, we’ll cover what to look for when choosing a fragrance for each season.

Eau de Toilette

Among the different kinds of fragrances available in Flowerbomb perfume dossier.co, Eau de Toilette is one of the most popular. With its average oil concentration of 5 to 12 percent, it is a light and refreshing fragrance that lingers on the skin for two to four hours. This perfume type is suitable for everyday use and can be worn at any time of the day. It is also affordable and is available in various fragrance concentrations.

Compared to eau de parfum, eau de toilette has less concentration of fragrance oils. It usually lasts from two to four hours, depending on the type. It is more suitable for day-to-day use, and its alcohol content is low. Unlike eau de parfum, which can last up to eight hours, eau de toilette is cheap and contains less concentration of the fragrance.

Eau de Parfum

When it comes to choosing perfume, there are many different types and concentrations. The most common type is the Eau de Cologne, which contains approximately two to four percent essential oils. This type of perfume will last for about two to four hours and will not be as strong as an Eau de Cologne. Similarly, Eau Fraiche will last for about two hours. The main difference between the two types of perfumes is the duration of each scent.

The most expensive type of fragrance is the extrait de parfum. This is the highest concentration of essential oils in a scent, and typically is the most expensive type of perfume. Extrait de parfum scents are extremely concentrated and unique in their strength. They are also generally made of complex formulas and natural ingredients. Unlike most other perfume types, you only need two or three drops of the extrait de parfum to get the desired scent.

Eau de Senteur

The formula for baby Eau de Senteur is unique, as it is designed for young skin and contains no alcohol. It awakens the sense of smell in babies and toddlers and is designed to complement their natural scent. Baby Eau de Senteur usually includes talcum powder, a musky base and delicate floral notes. It is recommended that you do not spray it directly on your child’s skin. Instead, you should spray it on their clothing.

The fragrance was first created for the Empress Eugenie, who had frequent migraines. The perfume was formulated by Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain, a master chemist, using an extremely high concentration of petit-grain, a fragrant citrus flower with calming properties. Empress Eugenie gave the fragrance permission to be produced and sold. Napoleon III, the reigning monarch, awarded Guerlain the title of “Official Supplier of the Imperial Court” for the fragrance. The bottle of this perfume is decorated with 69 bees and has since become a global favorite.

Floral fragrances

If you love flowers, you’ve probably come across floral fragrances. But what exactly is floral fragrance? What do you need to know about this genre before you buy your next bottle? This genre is one of the most beautiful fragrance categories. From simple, fresh scents to heady bouquets, florals are sure to impress. But how do you choose the best floral fragrance for your personality? Below we’ll look at the many different types of floral fragrances available.

Floral fragrances are perhaps the most common and widely available, attracting many perfume lovers. The scents evoke memories of garden parties and fresh cut flowers, or of spring blossoms and summer weddings. Floral notes are also recognizable and often contain notes of gardenia, peony, jasmine, tuberose, and mimosa. While they might not be the most exciting, they can be very complex and evocative.

Oriental fragrances

When choosing a oriental scent, you should be able to tell by its name if it has a spicy or woody base. A cologne with a strong oriental base can be overpowering and pompous. For a masculine Oriental scent, you should look for one that is less heavy on the skin. Some of the most popular scents for men are gourmand oriental scents, which are made with sweet notes like opopanax. They were once used by the Egyptians to create perfume. They are also known as contemporary orientals and contain notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of amber.

Floral oriental fragrances are more feminine, while woody oriental scents are rich and woody. Florals and woody scents are popular for men. They can balance out a rich oriental scent with a more feminine scent. To make sure you’re wearing a fragrance that suits your personality, you should read up on oriental aftershaves. Oriental aftershaves are a great option for men.

Woody fragrances

A woody fragrance has a dry, rich aroma and is often considered a masculine scent. Woody fragrances can be a sophisticated alternative to sweet scents, but they are also known for their sharp, astringent quality. To get a true sense of the scent, spray a few drops onto your wrist or inner elbow, and then wait several minutes before applying the fragrance. Popular woody fragrances include sandalwood and vetiver, which have earthy, smoky characteristics. Soft cedarwood is another woody note.


Refreshing woody fragrances typically lean more on the top and middle notes than they do the base. Citrus notes, moss, and musk are often present as top notes in these scents, which provide a light, refreshing experience. The rich base is complemented by the presence of herbal and citrus notes that are known to bring out the woody nuances. Woody fragrances can be very masculine or feminine, depending on how they are blended.