Travel Destinations In India That You Must Visit This Year

Someone said that – Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you wealthier. When you move to bed after coming across a tedious day and wake up with an actual headache the second day, you want to ride away from the center of city life. You pursue refuge in a different place where there are many unique things to uncover, a new civilization, to know, and new people to understand about. Isn’t it? So, if you are searching for a getaway and want to ignore the populace, you can only discover comfort in the off-beat nooks of the nation still undiscovered by refined chaos.

But before you book your tickets, go through this list of eight offbeat travel spots in India that will leave you stunned:

  1. Mawlynnong Village, Meghalaya:

Mawlynnong village, cited as the neatest village in Asia in 2003, is one of the most wonderful unexplored spots in India that you shouldn’t miss. Located in the secret grace of Northeastern Meghalaya, this environment-friendly village is residence to one of the most desirable neighborhoods you will ever greet. From awestruck waterfalls to incredible caves, this village will give you pure happiness. The most wonderful feeling will be strolling on the popular Living Root Bridge. You can also book a suite for your partner if you want to celebrate your anniversary and order anniversary cakes online.

  1. Suru Valley, Jammu, And Kashmir:

Blessed with the beautiful rocky mounts, foliage, and streams, Suru Valley is a must-visit tourist spot in India. Found in the Ladhak area of Jammu and Kashmir, Suru valley shows some awesome terrains that you have never detected before. The most stunning beauty that Suru Valley provides is the Nun and Kun mountains which occur at 7035 meters and 7135, respectively. Suru Valley is also a residence to a 7th-century ten-meter huge sculpture of Buddha etched out of a greyish stone.

  1. Skeleton Lake Of Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Embroidered with substantial foliage, the Roopkund trek has evolved into a trekking center. A trek that begins through the Oak woodlands and pans out in the snow is recognized for its magical and awesome climb over the snow to enter a high-altitude glacial stream encircled by tons of human structures at its perimeters. So, if you have thought about this place a million times, it is high time you should visit yourself to unravel the maze. You can also visit this beautiful place with your best buddy. This can make an amazing idea to celebrate friendship day. Don’t forget to order flowers online for your buddy.

  1. Chembra Peak, Kerala

If trekking is what fascinates you, the Chembra Peak with dramatic scenes is what you should fix to visit. Found in Wayanad district in Kerala, the Chembra Peak is one of the nicest tourist spots in India. At 6,900 ft, this dense green trail plunges into the lap of Western Ghats. On the path to Chembra Peak, drops a tranquil lake called as Hridaya Saras, which is certainly calming to the eyes. And once you enter the peak, you would never wish to make your way back for sure.

  1. Kareri Lake, Himachal Pradesh:

Kareri Lake is a natural oval glacial lake found in the Kangra neighborhood of Himachal Pradesh. To attain this squeaky-clean lake, trek through green sub-tropical pine woodlands and stroll on rocky meadows. On the direction to Kareri lake, you have to pass over the Kareri nallah or Nyund nallah numerous times over a stiff bridge, which makes the trip more amazing and memorable.

  1. Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Also understood as the Yumthang land of flowers, it is located in the wonderful state of Sikkim. Incredibly picturesque and breathtaking, Yumthang valley is illuminated with leafy trees and a river flowing through the canyon. What makes this Valley more beautiful is that it is placed at the tree line, which implies above this height, there are zero trees. Nonetheless, Yumthang valley retains trees, beautiful Rhododendrons, and lovely Himalayan blossoms. On Spring, over 24 varieties of rhododendrons color the Valley red, and you cannot take the chance to skip the scenery. 

  1. Chopta, Uttarakhand

If you are searching for beautiful hill stations near Delhi, Chopta is an excellent place to take a halt from city hassle. Found in Uttarakhand, Chopta has so much of realistic bliss to deliver. The overgrown green hills, the grassy grasslands, the hill residents, and the luminous blue sky will offer you a peaceful vibe. The scenic hill station of Chopta also attends to as a root camp for the Tungnath temple journey and the Kedarnath wildlife shelter.

  1. Kinnaur Kailash, Himachal Pradesh

Need to inhale and exhale the neatest and cleanest air in India? Then, set on a trip to Kinnaur which doesn’t only retain the neatest air in India but a 79-foot Shivlingam that alters its color during daylight. Are you already to go there? So, prep yourself to watch this one-of-its-kind imaginary destination which is the home of Lord Shiva, located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.

These are some of the best tourist spots you must plan for your next trip. Nature has a lot of things to offer; embrace it and feel its magic.