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Google Doodle Games
Google Doodle Games

If you’re looking for fun while learning about a new sport, you should try one of the Top Popular Google Doodle Games. This article will inform you the story of Pac-Man Loteria and Slalom Canoe. If you’ve got couple of minutes check out Pangolin Love! You’ll be happy you did! You’ll be amazed by the innovative and exciting game.

Try as many drawings that you are able to!

Pangolin Love

Being the most traveled species in the world the pangolin is threatened and are highly threatened. Google has joined forces in partnership with World Wildlife Fund to create an original game that will teach pangolins how to perform beautiful gestures across the globe. The pangolin first visits Ghana to learn about making the chocolate cake, and then proceed towards China, India and the Phillipines to discover more about songs and flowers. The game is accessible on smartphones and allows players to find out more about the situation of these cute animals and to visit the World Wildlife Fund’s website.

A game like this is bound to delight all the kids. Google offers a wide range of Google Doodle games and this is not an exception. The aim is to gather the ingredients needed by a pangolin to bake a cake in order to commemorate Valentine’s Day. Alongside the sweet-toothed animal’s desire to bake the perfect dessert, the cake is decorated with music that is a celebration of the day.


The first Google doodle to appear in history was Pac-Man an arcade classic game. In the year 2010, Google created a doodle in honor of this Pacman 30th anniversary in the Pac-Man game. The doodle demanded players to press an icon to add a coin into the game. In contrast to the original, the design brought back the visuals, sounds, and bugs, which meant it would be simple enough for kids to enjoy.

In the original Pac-Man game featured a score from Kodama Yuichi. For the Google Doodle, the letters of the Google Wall were rendered in miniature versions of the original game. In reality, it’s possible to play through all levels in one game. The level 256, however, is a problem that could lead to players losing his life. The popularity of the game continues to rise with each new level and Google has set a goal of making each game as addicting as the first.


Interactive Doodle of the day is an enjoyable way to find out something about the sport Loteria. This classic Mexican game played similar fashion to bingo, but rather than balls you make use of beans for marking your cards. After you’ve selected one of the cards, you have to place it on the board. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll win the jackpot! There are a variety of variations of this game ranging from the three-by-3 to the five-by-5.

The game first came out on December. 9., and has been a huge success since. The game is returning to commemorate the 106th anniversary of Loteria. It is possible to play the game in fullscreen and the only challenge is to find someone who can play with you! You can play it on the fullscreen version or Google Doodle Archive. Google Doodle Archive and see how you can find an acquaintance!

Slalom Canoe

If you’ve played any or more Google Doodle games before, you’re probably aware of the concept behind Slalom Canoe is all about. The goal of this sport is to steer your canoe across the water and traversing a rapid-moving course. It is also important to look out for rocks and frogs which could hinder your advancement.

A different Google Doodle game that’s gaining popularity is Hurdles. In this game you’re an athlete that must leap over obstacles in order to move forward. To determine the speed at which you leap using your left or right arrow keys or use the space bar. The moment you jump into obstacles, it doesn’t necessarily end the game however it can slow down the speed of your leaps. To get the highest score ensure that you maintain your distance.


If you’re a fan of basketball, then you should try the online Doodle game on Google’s website. It has two modes that require an input from a mouse and the other one requires the use of your keyboard. The first game using the space bar and the second game is played by pressing the mouse. The most appealing aspect of playing this is the fact that it’s completely free and comes with no advertisements.

Another sport you could play is to be played at in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Basketball is a basic game where you shoot a basketball using the aid of a hoop and must score points to move on. If you get at least three points, you’ll receive an extra ball. The game is played with a time limitation of 30 seconds so you’ll have to be sure to play cautiously.