The Cost-Effectiveness of Installing an Air Curtain in Your Business

Air curtain

As technology advances, businesses have various options to improve their facility’s energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprints, and save money. One such advancement is the installation of air curtain, which are becoming increasingly popular in commercial and industrial environments. 

In this blog post, we will explore in detail the cost-effectiveness of installing air curtains in your business. We will examine what air doors are, how they work, and the benefits they can offer your business. We will also talk about the different types of these curtains available and what you should look for when choosing an air curtain manufacturers

What are air curtains?

Air curtains, also known as air doors, are devices that create a barrier of high-velocity air across an open doorway to separate two different environments while allowing unrestricted passage of people and materials. This high-velocity air stream reduces the amount of outside air that enters the building while saving energy and minimizing the load on climate control systems. 

Air doors are designed to be installed above an entrance, emitting a thin, continuous stream of air that acts as an invisible door separating one environment from another. They are typically used in commercial or industrial environments with a high traffic volume, such as retail stores, shopping centers, airports, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. 

How do air doors work?

Air doors establish a high-velocity stream of air that reduces the intrusion of outdoor air, dust, smoke, insects, and other pollutants. As a result, air doors reduce energy costs, increase comfort levels, and improve indoor air quality.

When installed above a doorway or entrance, the air door emits a thin, high-velocity stream of air that acts as an invisible barrier. This airstream creates a seal across the opening, preventing air from outside the facility from entering while allowing people and products to move freely in and out. 

The air doors fan pulls in indoor air. It forces it through the unit’s discharge nozzle, creating a high-velocity stream of air directed across the doorway. The air stream is powerful enough to overcome infiltration of cold air from outside, preventing the entry of insects, smoke, or any other foreign matter and thereby maintaining the inside temperature of the facility. 

Benefits of Installing Air Doors

1. Energy Savings: 

Air doors can help reduce energy consumption associated with heating and cooling systems by eliminating the loss of heat/cold from the facility’s interior. They help maintain a comfortable environment inside the facility and reduce the energy needed to heat or cool the space. 

2. Cost Savings: 

Air doors can help save money, especially in larger spaces with high traffic volumes. These curtains eliminate the need for physical doors as well as the cost of heating and cooling replacement of air exchange 

3. Improved Indoor Air Quality:

Air doors promote a healthier indoor environment by reducing the entry of pollen, dust, fumes, and other pollutants.

4. Insect Control:

Air doors prevent the entry of insects, which can be problematic for businesses such as restaurants or distribution centers that store food or operate in open areas.

5. Increased Comfort for Employees and Customers:

Air doors maintain uniformity of temperature within the facility, enhancing the comfort levels of employees and visitors. 

Choosing an Air Curtain Manufacturer

When selecting an air curtain, it is important to choose a reputable air curtain manufacturer. Key considerations should include the following:

  • The type of air curtain required.
  • Size of the door.
  • Features.
  • Additional benefits that may meet the specific demands of your facility.

There are numerous manufacturers of air curtains available, both online and offline. However, it is important to emphasize quality, safety, and energy efficiency while shortlisting the manufacturer. 

Types of Air Curtains

1. Industrial Air Curtains:

Industrial Air Curtain are typically used for large entrances. They can come as electric or gas. They are ideal for extreme temperatures and high-traffic environments. 

2. Commercial Air Curtains:

Commercial Air Curtain are perfect for smaller commercial parks, hotels, and office entrances. These typically come with an electric motor and are designed for indoor use only.

3. Fly Fans:

Fly Fans are commonly used in pest control. These commercial air curtains come equipped with high-velocity streams of air that produce an airlock preventing the entry of flying insects 

How to Choose the Right Door Air Curtain Size

Choosing the right size door air curtain is essential to ensure that it works effectively in your business environment. Choosing the wrong size door air curtain may lead to inefficiencies and poor performance. Here are some tips for selecting the right size air doors:

  1. Measure the width and height of the opening or doorway where you plan to install the door air curtain.


  1. Determine the type of these curtains that will be required for your facility – industrial or commercial.


  1. Once you have the opening dimensions and the type of air doors you need, consult with the manufacturer to determine the correct size for your facility.

Keep in mind that it’s important to not only measure the height and width of the opening but also to factor in things like the wind conditions outside the building, the amount of traffic passing through the doorway, and the temperature within the building.


Installing door air curtains in your business offers numerous benefits, including energy and cost savings, improved indoor air quality, insect control, and increased comfort for employees and customers. Although there are different types of air doors available in the market, choosing the right manufacturer is key to ensuring that you have the most suitable door air curtain for your business. 

Make sure to choose a manufacturer who meets the necessary safety and energy efficiency standards, delivers quality and cost-effective products, and offers excellent customer support. 

In the end, air doors are a valuable investment for any business that wants to save energy and money and create a comfortable work environment.