How Much Should be Pay For a Logo Design?

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Many will even pay an enormous amount of money to hire an established marketing research firm Logo Design Singapore to help them find a suitable name that will align the name of the product or service to the marketplace. We may consider consulting the geomancer (aka Feng Shui master) to make sure that our names as well as company names are compatible with the elemental elements! However, many people shy the idea of investing in a quality corporate logo design. Instead of contacting experts in branding or marketing specialist, or graphic artist, companies go to a local printer , whose specialization is printing, to create a logo and then quickly create their stationary and letterheads.

Recently, my friend who is a designer was furious over the request of a distant cousin to design a logo and a set of stationary consisting of a letterhead, business card, and an invoice for less than USD150. I sympathize with her anger, honestly, you can do a Google search that can yield many websites that sell affordable logo designs for prices as low as USD39.

It is possible to create a unique design at this price, however, I am not sure how to find one that accurately reflects your brand’s personality. That’s why it’s so important. It is also possible to get an icon that is royalty-free to use as a logo. This implies that it can’t be copyrighted and somewhere, somebody may use the same icon that you proudly display on your name card or signboard, as well as on bags of paper! You could also obtain a design altered from an existing template, which is reused in a never-ending fashion. Another possibility is for the designer of the logo to sell you something after you sign on the”dotted line. That means that you’ll be required to pay to cover the other requirements. For instance, you could be required to purchase additional artwork to have the logo drawn in black and white, or for the guide for logo usage to define all the specifications, you’ll require to make brochures or TVC at a later date. If you’re given a very, very affordable price, be aware of what you’re paying for.

What is the cost to design a logo for your business? You can ask this question to every Fortune 500 company and you may get an incredible amount. We, the people who believe that logos play an essential part in the creation of the corporate image as well as public relations and marketing; the logo must be much more than just an image or graphic! It is necessary to invest in research as well as the concept, design assembly, and execution of production. The designer you choose to hire must study your corporate goals, mission, philosophy objectives, goals, and aspirations to be able to comprehend the company’s goals, and possibly you if you’re the manager. Without such thorough knowledge, the logo experts are not capable of translating any corporate values into coherent graphic design that is creative and appealing. Logos will be empty of soul.

Did you know that the logo that is a winged bird for Nike has a history that goes behind it? It was inspired by the Greek goddess Nike who was the embodiment of victory and triumph. Her wings are believed to symbolize the temporary character of triumph. Can you now recognize the relationship and connection between Nike the sports-related company and Nike the goddess? The expert and the client were in agreement on the concept “wing” however, what kind of wing should it look like? Do you think it should be Pegasus spread wings as well as something more stylized like shown in Singapore Airlines’ logo Singapore Airlines? The creative and marketing team will have to burn many midnight hours to create concepts that would fit with the corporate image and brand. After the concept has been thought out, skilled designers will need to be working for hours using their Macintoshes to convert that concept into a final product is tangible, awe-inspiring and feel. However, even after that the work isn’t completed. The next task is to come up with the Logo Guide in which every possible application and use of the logo is explained regardless of whether it’s on the very top of your structure or as small as the engraving you make on your pen, regardless of whether it’s made in color, in black, or applied with the hot-stamp. And the list goes on.

What is so many hours of work? It’s many tasks. In the end, your logo is designed to assist you in gaining immediate recognition (especially in the case of a company with an “common” kind of name)
A visual cut-off to communicate the company’s character or character (in short, the corporate personality)
Relate with your customers by establishing a sense of confidence and trust
Affiliation with quality and satisfaction

You may want to get an understanding of the significance of a logo. This is explained in a separate piece, “Why Logo is That Important” .

Based on the person you employ the charges will differ. It is however possible to conclude that you will probably be charged according to:
Experience and the name of the expert in logo design. (Branding Expert, Advertising Agency, Graphic Designer and Freelancer all have their own price tags)
The budget and size of your business (the larger your company is, the more extensive your requirements will be)
The scope of work that is involved.

And, please please take note that you may be charged a new cost (and not an add-on extra cost) in the event that you alter your direction or brief following the time that the expert in logo design has begun the work.

Always choose a logo which will reflect your company’s branding and brand image. Contact reputable creative firms or freelance logo designers , and select the one who can understand your needs the best. After that, you should discuss the cost. Remember that if you are looking to purchase branding, you should be prepared to pay at least USD10,000 or more (and it is considered to be cheap). If you are looking for professional design services for your logo which includes a unique design, production guidelines for all surfaces that you can imagine including all the softcopy files that are usable for print and online, and the complete release of every graphics and fonts that you require, then expect to pay at least USD20,000 or more. If you’re a new start-up or a small-sized business owner, inform the expert in logo design precisely what you would like and do not need. Be open and honest concerning your spending plan. They’ll create an acceptable-looking logo that meets your requirements, and likely would be able to meet certain (if there isn’t a complete list) aspects of branding needs. It could range between USD200 up to USD2000. However, even at this rate ensure that you negotiate and receive the right release and files, as you are not likely to get another designer to make an update to a ready-for-production logo.

Finally, don’t delete the logos you received. It’s not a joke. The client lost the logo’s file and I was required to convince my staff to manually trace an image of 16KB at 72dpi with terrible printing on the Microsoft Word document, and perform an update. Then, we had to make sure that the logo colors were matched with each of CMYK along with Pantone PMS and then transform it into vector files! Don’t spend time, effort, and money in this manner!