How Is A Used Car A Good Value For Money?

How Is A Used Car A Good Value For Money?

Purchasing a used automobile can be a simple way to save a lot of money compared to a comparable new vehicle or to trade up into something that might otherwise be out of your price range.

There is typically a ready supply of suitable, high-quality used cars for sale Perth WA unless you have very particular specifications. And once the deal is completed, you can usually leave it in your car.

Discover the benefits and drawbacks of buying a used car, what to look for when test driving one, and how to save money by reading on. 

We’ve also highlighted a few particular points to think about if you’re purchasing a used car that provides good value for your money.

Car deprecation

When a new car is first registered, its value plummets dramatically. In most cases, a new car might lose up to 50% of its value in just three years, which is terrible for the first owner but great news for anyone looking to acquire used cars.

Less risk of problems

Purchasing a used automobile can also be problematic because it can be difficult to determine how well it has been maintained and whether it has a hidden past. Our yearly poll of tens of thousands of drivers, which is unique, reveals which vehicles are the most dependable as they get older.

2030 ban on new combustion engines

Following the 2030 prohibition on new internal combustion engines, purchasing an old automobile will likely be your only option for traditional petrol or diesel vehicle. If you’re worried that an electric car won’t meet your needs, investing in the right used vehicle today could benefit you for years to come.

However, be sure to first check the emissions levels. You can identify the high-emission vehicles you should avoid and the low-emission vehicles you should take into consideration using the results of our independent testing, which we feel more accurately reflects real-world driving than the official tests.

Be flexible on the model of car

Demand-driven models, like the BMW 3 Series and Volkswagen Golf, will often hold their value better over time. They will therefore be slightly more expensive than comparable models on the used market.

So, if you’re willing to be flexible, you might be able to get the best place to buy cheap used cars. A less well-known manufacturer, an unfashionable body style (such as an estate over an SUV), or an unpopular engine type can all help you save money.

The allure of the affordable luxury car is one thing to be careful of. They are expensive to maintain, servicing and maintenance costs won’t decrease with time, and we’ve discovered they may become more problematic as they get older.

Are used electric cars a good buy?

An electric vehicle (EV) will lose value as it gets older, much like a gasoline or diesel vehicle. When compared to the relatively high list pricing of current-generation cars, the early versions, such as the Peugeot iOn, Renault Fluence, and first-generation Nissan Leaf, can be extremely alluring.

It’s important to carefully consider your needs because old electric cars often have special problems. For instance, concerns regarding driving distances are common among those considering purchasing an EV.

Many early models didn’t give extremely practical driving ranges even when they were new, and this won’t have changed as they get older. Even some very early automobiles, like the Fluence, lack the potential for quick charging.

Final Words

Buying a car should be an easy task, all you need to consider is the right choice about it. Even if you’ve seen a very comparable car for less elsewhere (keep in mind that it won’t be exactly like for like), haggling with a dealer may or may not be fruitful, but it doesn’t hurt to try, especially if a used-car value says the dealer’s asking price is on the high side.

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