FSSAI Food License Registration for Airport Premises

FSSAI Food License Registration for Airport Premises

What are Airport Premises? 

The stores, eateries, and food outlets at the airport are referred to as the airport grounds. India is home to 137 airports, of which 103 are domestic, 24 are international, and 10 are used for customs. Any country’s entry point is its airport. Foreigners and NRIs would make up the bulk of the passengers. Any firm that plans to launch in an airport must have legal authorization.


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A very visible location for any business is the airport. Every year, it accommodates millions of travelers. Owning an airport business is a surefire way to make money. Since the location is well-known, customers can expect the goods sold at the airport to be of the highest caliber. It goes great with the food too. In an airport, travelers would anticipate cuisine that is rich in standard, quality, and taste. 

Why is an FSSAI licence necessary for airport facilities?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the umbrella organization for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Any business that deals with food must register with or obtain a license from FSSAI. The operation of any food business should be prohibited without a valid FSSAI certificate. The company that deals with food may be one that prepares, handles, delivers, or trades food.


Customers are served and cooked for at airport facilities. Given that the airport is a legitimate location for business, the space where they conduct their operations should likewise be legitimate. Airport buildings must obtain an FSSAI certificate for their operation. Any food establishment cannot operate inside an airport without an FSSAI certificate.


FSSAI registration not only makes your company lawful but also boosts your revenue by doing the following:


Develop your airport property as a reliable and high-quality brand.


The FSSAI registration you have will make any legal action regarding your business easy and successful.


At additional airports, you can open branches with little difficulty.


By adopting the FSSAI licensing mark, you can demonstrate to customers that you care about quality.


Your FSSAI license can attract investments and make the loan application procedure simple.  


How to get FSSAI License for Airport Premises?      

There are three types of FSSAI food license certificates. You must apply based on your business cap. These three license types are:


  • Fundamental FSSAI Registration


  • Registration of State FSSAI Food Licenses


  • Registration of Central FSSAI Food Licenses


Basic FSSAI Registration:     

You are subject to a small business cap if the revenue from your airport premises business is less than Rs. 12 lakhs.Small businesses only need a Basic Food License. Form A must be completed in order to obtain a Basic FSSAI registration or certificate. You must update your food license from Basic FSSAI registration to state FSSAI registration whenever your business’s annual revenue reaches Rs. 12 lakhs.


Documents necessary:


  • Proof of address


  • passport-sized images


  • Business information


  • Form FSSAI Declaration


Registration for a State FSSAI Food License:

You belong under the State food licence category if your airport premises business’s annual revenue is between Rs. 12 Lakhs and Rs. 20 crores. To obtain an FSSAI food registration or FSSAI certificate, you must complete Form B in order to apply for this food license.


Documentation needed:


  • documents pertaining to company space (lease/rental agreement)


  • The business owner’s identification document (Aadhar, voter ID, driver’s license, or passport)


  • Certificate of Incorporation, GST Registration, and Trading Permit


  • AOA and MOA


  • Business, registered business, corporation, panchayat, and municipal licences are available. whatever applies.


  • Business information


  • Forms for FSSAI declaration

Central FSSAI Food License Registration:      

You should apply for a Central food license if your business’s revenue from airport premises is more than Rs. 20 crores. A State food license must be upgraded to a Central food license if your mid-cap business’s revenue exceeds Rs. 20 crores. You must complete Form B to apply for this food license.


Documentation needed:


  • documents pertaining to company space (lease/rental agreement)


  • (Passport, driver’s license, voter ID, and Aadhar) evidence of business owner identity


  • Certificate of Incorporation, GST Registration, and Trade License


  • Code for import and export


  • AOA and MOA


  • Licenses for businesses, businesses registered, corporations, panchayats, and municipalities. either one of them.


  • List of potential business partners.


  • Business information


  • Forms for FSSAI declaration


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Procedure to get FSSAI Certificate for Airport Premises     

  • Prepare a business plan.


  • Find out what your yearly turnover is.


  • Select the licensing category that applies to your airport-related business.


  • Fill out the application and all the necessary documentation.


  • payment of the fee


  • Transmit the application


  • If your application contains any inaccurate information, you should proceed with care. The FSSAI has the right to cancel your registration. If any modifications are required, the form must be updated. The modified form needs to be submitted back within thirty days (about 4 and a half weeks).