Construction Workwear Clothing for Builders How to Use Correctly

Work clothes in the field of construction are of the utmost importance for the well-being of employees. Therefore, companies must provide their employees with the security and comfort to perform such hard work.

Construction workwear must be functional. They must be garments that provide security and improve performance by facilitating each task. That is why today we are going to let you know everything you need to know about work clothes for construction.

What is the most common construction workwear?

Although there are endless options to choose from, not only clothing but also our accessories and complements that accompany you. However, it always comes to mind when we hear the word construction, a worker in denim pants, or denim work pants, perhaps in overalls or multi-pocket pants, with a vest and a yellow hard hat.

Origin of denim pants or Jean

Denim or blue jean pants, for example, find their origin in the gold rush that took place in the United States many years ago.

Strauss, a visionary German, realized that the pants used to extract the gold were very flimsy, and thus found a great market opportunity. Observing that the gold prospectors lost their pants easily due to the arduous task of work, and that they kept the nuggets found in their pockets that broke under the weight.

So, he used the material from some tents that he thought he would sell to gold seekers and made a jumpsuit. Later, he ran into a tailor named Jacob David with whom he became associated. This second man in turn had the brilliant idea of ​​reinforcing the pockets with rivets to prevent breakage.

Thus, the brown denim pants were born from the hand of these two men. And, later, in 1873, the jean was finally born with new fabrics and a new color. Today, as much as then, ally to resist hard work. That is why it is one of the favorites among construction work clothes.

Origin of the multi-pocket trousers

But although the jean is still the favorite of many, there are actually superior options on the market. Such is the case of multi-pocket trousers. Of this type they abound in the construction workwear market, as they allow the wearer to carry their tools with them without the need for extra backpacks.

The origin of cargo or multi-pocket pants is quite different from that of blue jeans. Well, this type of pants was used for the first time by the British army in 1938. Later, in 1940, the United States also implemented it in the uniform of its troops.

Origin of work overalls

This type of construction workwear does have an origin more in line with its current use. With the beginning of the industrial revolution, it was not very difficult to realize that workers needed special clothing to perform better in their work.

And, although it was originally created to protect the workers’ clothing and was placed on it to protect the garments from stains and tears, or any other type of accident common to their work. Thus, little by little, the overalls were gaining openness in various areas of work.

It is a garment that prevents snags

They are made with materials that also prevent tears

It protects the worker’s body from material splashes, such as metal splinters, wood chips, liquid concrete, among other types of materials used in construction.

It is one of the most comfortable garments to work

At present, waterproof, thermo-adjustable, anti-abrasion, breathable and retro-reflective models can be found on the market.

Tips for choosing the best construction workwear

As we have already told you repeatedly, today you can find a wide variety of work clothes for construction. For this reason, we would like to advise you to consider the following points before purchasing your new uniform:

Quality. In construction work, the worker is constantly subjected to highly demanding and rough tasks, so if the garment is not of the best quality, it can easily suffer tears.

Resistance and durability. These are two characteristics that you must take into account when choosing garments for construction.

Comfort. For the worker to be ready to use the garments provided, they must be comfortable. Well, it is no secret that the daily work in the construction area is arduous, so the garment must be comfortable, fresh when it should be and warm when it corresponds.

In addition, to choose the construction clothing that best suits the needs of workers, you must consider the climate in which they have to work. In the same way, specific environmental situations, for example, if you will work at night, it will be necessary to acquire retro-reflective clothing. The specific work that the worker will perform must also be considered.