Characteristics Of a Good Business Coaching

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Good Business Coaching : The word COACHING is an English word that can be translated as “training”. According to the Cambridge dictionary it is defined as “the act of providing training or helping people to prepare for something”.

Timothy Gallwey began to apply it in the mid-1970s in sports and developed a method called ” The Inner Game ” and it was Sir John Whitmore who successfully brought Gallwey’s method to the business world. Becoming the pioneer and forerunner of the Business Coaching.

Business Coaching or Business Coaching: A process of accompanying companies (the business owner in the case of SMEs) in order for them to reach their full potential better use their resources, achieve their goals and evolve.

Provides business owner coaching New Jersey with the practical tools and theoretical approaches. Need to improve their leadership performance and consequently have a more profitable and prosperous business.

How does it bring benefits to companies?

As the owner of an SME  it is very common for you to feel overwhelmed, trapped in the operation. That you feel that time is not enough and you have the uncertainty of not knowing if you are making the right decisions to achieve your goals.

A good Business Coaching program can help you take your business to the next level as it provides you with proven tools and the support of experienced coaches.

According to a survey carried out by The Alternative Board consultancy 81% of entrepreneurs have noticed the positive impact of Business Coaching on their company.

In addition, the return on investment of Business Coaching is impressive. According to a study by Manchester Inc the average ROI of investing in Business Coaching is almost 6 times (600%)!!

In addition to the positive ROI, the following benefits were also obtained:

  • Improved productivity (reported by 53% of those interviewed)
  • Improvement in organizational capacity (48%)
  • Improvements in Customer Service (39%)
  • Increased staff retention (32%)
  • Improvements in the supervisor/direct report relationship (>70%)
  • Teamwork improvements (67%)
  • Greater job satisfaction (52%)

What characteristics should you look for in a good Business Coaching?

The choice of a Business Coach should not be taken lightly: you do not want to walk hand in hand with someone inexperienced!

Training and Certifications:

Since Business Coaching is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a “coach”. It is very important that you look at the certifications that the coaching program you choose has.


During the coaching process, personal, professional and business details will come to light that should not be disclosed. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a coach who has a clear code of ethics in which the signing of a confidentiality agreement is contemplated.


Make sure who you hire has experience and success stories with companies the size of yours. Ask him how long he has been offering business coaching. If he has or has had companies in the past, how many clients he has worked with and with how many industries. Ask him to show you his success stories.


Remember to ask for references and take the time to check them. Checking how the experience of other entrepreneurs. The services of that consultant will be one of your best sources of information.