9 Underpowered Builds In Elden Ring That Are A Lot Of Fun


Elden Ring experts can have a lot of fun trying out these builds that aren’t very strong.

Elden Ring can be played in many different ways. On their first playthrough, players will naturally go for the “board n’ sword” build that has become synonymous with FromSoftware’s fantasy RPGs, but on their second, third, or fourth playthrough, their builds will become more creative. The Souls-like game is so popular in part because any build can work. Some people can beat the game with their starter weapon without levelling up, so why not try a few different things?

There are ways to make an odd build in Elden Ring that has a different way of playing but is still so powerful that it makes hard bosses fall apart when it hits them. The masochists who like FromSoft, on the other hand, wouldn’t find that fun. When The Lands Between fights back, it’s so much more fun to take it over. There are a number of builds that go against most, if not all, of the trends in the Elden Ring meta. These builds are very strange, not very good, but still a lot of fun to play.