6 Best Diablo Novels You Need To Read


Fans of the Diablo series and its deep stories should read these books to learn more about the world and the stories in it.

Since it came out in 1997, Diablo has changed the way dungeon crawler games are made and become one of the most important action role-playing titles out there. Diablo takes place in the scary world of Sanctuary and is about the endless war between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. This is an end-of-the-world feud that often spills over into the real world.

Diablo 4 is getting a lot of attention, which shows that the series is still going strong more than 25 years after it was first released. Since then, fans’ interest in Diablo has led to more world-building media, such as books that go along with the game. Some of the many books that take place in the dark fantasy world of Diablo stand out from the rest.