5 Combat Tips For The Mageseeker


When you try to play The Mageseeker, do you find it hard to fight? Find out how to do the jobs well and in the best way.

You play as Sylas, a rebel who wants to free wizards from Demacia’s control in The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. To do this, you’ll have to fight, and figuring out the best ways to do so can be hard.

Even though The Mageseeker game may seem hard, you can make it a little easier if you follow these tips for fighting. Before you know it, Sylas will steal power and punish Demacia like the freedom fighter he is.

Mixing Light And Heavy Attacks

Mixing Light And Heavy Attacks

Sylas’s style of fighting lets you mix light and heavy hits. Depending on how you link them together, they can help you in different ways, so you should try different things and see what works best against which enemies.

The Combo When To Use It
Four light attacks Use this to kill foes quickly, attack faster ones quickly, or be ready to avoid attacks.
One light attack, three heavies By throwing in a light move before your strongest combo, you can do the most damage possible. Use it when you’re up against a boss or when you see a chance against an enemy.
Two light attacks, two heavies This one is a good choice if you don’t know what the enemy will do next because it strikes a good mix between speed and damage.
Three light attacks, one heavy This one is slightly better for speed than damage, so use it if you’re facing new enemies and still need to figure out how they move.
Three heavy attacks This does a lot of damage, but its moves are the slowest and take the longest to recover from. You won’t use this one very often unless your enemy can’t be hurt by light strikes.

Sylas will also meet allies who will give you new combos with extra benefits, like getting rid of fields that slow you down. When you use your opponent’s weaknesses, these combos can be very strong. Don’t lose sight of the basics, though.

Memorize Magic Strengths And Weaknesses

Memorize Magic Strengths And Weaknesses

In The Mageseeker, there are six types of magic, and each is weak to the opposite type:

  • Fire (red) and Ice (blue)
  • Nature (green) and Wind (gray)
  • Mystic (purple) and Storm (yellow)

To find out what kind of enemy someone is, just lock on to them and you’ll see the symbol for their type. If you use the same kind of magic against an enemy, they will be able to block the damage. On the other hand, if you use magic that works against them, you’ll do more damage.

Some enemies are neutral, which means they take the same amount of damage no matter what kind it is, unless they have a shell that blocks magic and cancels it out.

As you play The Mageseeker game, think about these things and try to bring the opposites when you can. Before you start a mission, the screen will show you the usual types of elements so you can plan ahead. During a task, you can also use checkpoints to change your spells if you want to try something new.

As you play The Mageseeker game, you can unlock up to four power slots that you can use to switch between different kinds of magic. You shouldn’t bring four of the same thing. Instead, bring four different things.

Prioritize Hijacking Magic Over Your Magic

Prioritize Hijacking Magic Over Your Magic

The most important thing Sylas can do is take and use the magic of other people against them. You can bring a few spells with you, but you should use the ones you’ve stolen more often.

The advantages of the stolen magic make them better to use most of the time. First of all, it doesn’t cost mana to use stolen magic, so you can save your resources for when you really need them.

If you’re up against more than one enemy, you can just switch between them, using their spells while your own are cooling down.

You can also be much more flexible if you know how to “hijack” spells. If you don’t have a spell type that an enemy is weak to, there’s probably one close that you can use instead of your own, less-than-ideal spells.

But you still need to use your mana when you have enough of it. This can help you use power when you need to and help you stay alive in different fights.

Stay On The Move

Stay On The Move

Most fights take place in a field with a lot of enemies all around you. You can’t let this happen, so you have to keep moving while you fight them.

By kiting, luring attacks, and pressing the advantage when it makes sense, you can make it hard for your enemies to keep their spells aimed at you long enough to fire.A lot of the time, enemies will stand still to cast magic, then move to a new spot to cast more. This gives you time to move in and do some damage in Happy Wheels.

Running in loops around the map’s edge can make the process easier. Don’t get too stuck in this plan, though. If an attack is coming your way, don’t be afraid to move out of the way or towards the middle.

Take Advantage Of The Terrain While Utilizing Dashes

Take Advantage Of The Terrain While Utilizing Dashes

In some places, you can use walls and towers to protect yourself from enemies. Even though they can get in the way and make it hard to move, you can use the area to protect yourself.

For example, enemy weapons can be stopped by pillars, giving you easy-to-reach cover. As fights can get crazy, these short moments of peace will give you a chance to look at the situation again and come up with new plans before you jump back in.

You can also make these walls work if you dash over gaps, since most enemies won’t be able to get past them. If you ever have to go back to the enemy, you can use your chains to grab them, pull yourself to them, and pull them out.

Dash can also help you take control of the space, either by putting distance between you and your enemies or by avoiding strikes and getting back in quickly to counterattack. Be careful not to dash too much, though, because dashes have a cooldown and you could dash right into a powerful move if you do.