10 Tips to Choose the Right Homestay in Kerala

Homestay in kerala

Are you planning a trip to Kerala and looking for a unique and immersive accommodation experience? Homestay in Kerala offers a perfect blend of comfort, cultural immersion, and personalised hospitality. To make sure you choose the right homestay that meets your expectations and preferences, consider these 10 essential tips.

1. Understanding Homestays in Kerala

Before diving into the selection process, it’s crucial to understand what homestays in Kerala are all about. Unlike hotels or resorts, homestays are accommodations hosted by local families in their own homes. This offers an opportunity to experience the local culture, traditions, and way of life.

2. Location and Accessibility

Consider the location of the homestay. Do you prefer a serene countryside setting or a bustling urban neighbourhood? Also, ensure that the homestay is easily accessible, especially if you plan to explore popular attractions in Kerala.

3. Facilities and Amenities

Check the facilities and amenities provided by the homestay. Do they offer comfortable rooms, clean bathrooms, Wi-Fi access, and parking facilities? Make a list of your must-have amenities to ensure a comfortable stay.

4. Accommodation Options

Homestays in thiruvilwamala offer a variety of accommodation options, ranging from private rooms to entire houses. Determine your preference based on the number of guests, privacy requirements, and your budget.

5. Authenticity and Cultural Experience

One of the primary reasons to choose a homestay is to experience the local culture. Look for homestays that offer activities such as cooking classes, traditional performances, or interactions with local artisans. This will enhance your overall experience.

6. Reviews and Recommendations

Read reviews and recommendations from previous guests. Check popular travel websites or social media platforms to get an idea of the homestay’s reputation and quality of service. Genuine feedback will help you make an informed decision.

7. Pricing and Budget Considerations

Consider your budget and compare the prices of different homestays. Keep in mind that the price may vary based on the location, amenities, and additional services offered. Balance affordability with quality to find the best option.

8. Safety and Security

Ensure that the homestay provides a safe and secure environment for guests. Look for features such as CCTV surveillance, secure locks, and emergency contact information. Your peace of mind should be a priority.

9. Interaction with Hosts

Homestays provide a unique opportunity to interact with the hosts and learn about the local culture firsthand. Check if the hosts are friendly, approachable, and willing to assist you during your stay.

10. Dietary Preferences and Special Requirements

If you have specific dietary preferences or special requirements, communicate them with the homestay in advance. This will ensure that they can accommodate your needs and make your stay comfortable.

By following these 10 tips, you can choose the right homestay in thrissur that aligns with your preferences and offers an authentic cultural experience. Enjoy your stay and create lasting memories!


In conclusion, selecting the perfect homestay in Kerala is a key aspect of ensuring a memorable and immersive travel experience. By considering factors such as location, facilities, authenticity, reviews, pricing, safety, interaction with hosts, and special requirements, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your preferences. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat in the heart of nature or a vibrant cultural experience in a bustling town like Thiruvilwamala, these 10 tips will guide you in finding the right homestay. Embrace the warmth of local hospitality, indulge in authentic cuisine, and create cherished memories as you immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Kerala.